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How to Take Your Home Theater Installation to the Next Level

 iconic system home theater installation Helps You Design the Ultimate Movie-Watching Experience

Envision your ideal home theater. At its most basic level, a home theater installation may mean buying a new TV and speakers. But a lot more than that goes into recreating a real theater experience in your West University Place, TX home. Other things you should consider are the ways you'll access your favorite movies, the right location for your theater, and the best speaker layout. Follow the tips below to enjoy your favorite movies in a space designed from top to bottom for the ultimate convenience and audio and video quality.

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Experience the ultimate in music reproduction.

You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate extraordinary music reproduction.  Contrary to popular belief, most people, even with average hearing, can tell the difference in sonic performance when moving up the ladder of luxury audio systems. invests time, effort, and resources into having the best audio system on display to the general public in the Houston area, or within at least 200 miles for that matter.  You have the unique opportunity to stop by and experience a truly immersive audio experience unlike what most people have ever heard.  Some customers have been brought to tears, others laughed hysterically at hearing a song they have heard a hundred times before.  Whatever your reaction may be, how can you pass up the opportunity to sit down in a listening room with finely tuned equipment and get a demostration in the ultimate audio performance.  In fact, Stereophile Magazine just awarded the Wilson Audio Sophia, the "entry level" speaker of the line, not one, but two Product of the Year Awards.  Impressive.  Now imagine listening to a product three steps up the line and attached to other award winning products.  Stunning, immersive, mind blowing would all be appropriate descriptions.  You owe it to yourself to hear what a system comprised of Wilson Audio, Dan D'Agostino, and Transparent Cables can really do.  We will even pour you a drink while you sit back and enjoy audio perfection.


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Dan D'Agostino visits

Dan D'Agostino visited on November 3rd to give demonstrations and discuss his iconic product line of audiophile components.  Wine and light bites were served while Dan showed his latest products, including the Progression series of amplifiers.  Since already showcases the Momentum series, Dan was able to give demonstrations of its ability and talk about its origins.  The D'Agostinos even visited a customer's home and it was discovered the customer is the second largest owner of Dan D'Agostino products in the United States.    

 dan dag talkDan's visit

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grand opening event on 9/22 at the new Waugh store

To celebrate the opening of the new boutique location on Waugh, is hosting a grand opening event.  With a circus theme, guests will experience a burlesque and freak show hosted by Kiki Maroon.  DJ Rockstar Aaron from Denver and Las Vegas hotspots will be providing the music and circus performers will be on site WITH MONKEYS to snap photos with.  Enjoy a drink or two with crafted cocktails and have a bite from either Lowland Smoke BBQ or Happy Endings Asian Fusion hot dogs.  The event is held at the Waugh location of located 1707 Waugh Dr. 77006.  Email to RSVP and be entered into a raffle for some great prizes or see the Facbook event page for more info.  Don't miss the event Thursday night, September 22nd


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Online audiophile forum recognizing design

Online Facebook enthusiast forum, High End Audio for the Passionates, recognizes the best in design and and performance audio equipment.  With over 65,000 page likes, they are followed by many in the audio community.  Recently they showed images of showrooms on their page.  Click Here to see the post.

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