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Partner Spotlight: A Look at Wilson Audio’s Flagship Speakers

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The Company Offers Some of the Most Coveted Speakers in the World

When we choose equipment for our high-end audio systems, we’re interested in only the best for our clients. This is why we go out of our way to partner with audio manufacturers that have shown an ongoing commitment to producing one-of-a-kind high-performance speakers. As part of our ongoing blog series, we like to highlight some of these partners to explain why we work with them.

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the incomparable Devialet is now available at is now the exclusive Houston area dealer for the hot Devialet audio products that have been shaking up the marketplace, since their introduction to North America, within the last few years.  

The French company, founded in 2007, got their credibility by making audiophile grade integrated amplifiers using innovative, new technology.  Now called the Expert Pro line, these super slim, super stylish products house a Class A / digital hybrid amplifier, gorgeous finish, high end DAC, premium phono stage, and integrated streaming for digital files.  Widely acclaimed for the new technology, like SAM speaker matching, ADH Intelligence, and Magic Wire short path signal flow; there is really nothing else that compares to this level of performance and sophistication.

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Is a projector the right choice for your large screen viewing?

Take Aesthetics and Performance into Account During Your Installation

When it comes to choosing a projector during your home theater installation, for a lifestyle room, or even in a living area; there are a lot of things to take into account. Typically people don’t consider a projector an option because they think that they only work well in a dark room. Fortunately, technology has brought about new innovations that give tons of options for your home whether planning an estate in River Oaks, or a townhouse in West University, or anywhere else in Houston, TX.  Learn how a projector can be a better option with so many new possibilities.

SEE MORE: 6 Things to Look for in a Home Theater Receiver

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Is Martin Logan’s Renaissance Speaker the Right Fit for Your Home?

Explore the Sound Qualities It Could Bring to Your High-End Audio System

Embrace the power of high-performance sound with one of the most legendary loudspeakers in the audio industry. With Martin Logan's award-winning electrostatic technology, the Renaissance ESL 15A offers unprecedented power without losing any of its elegance. With exceptionally low distortion and room correction technology, it can become the flagbearer of your home's high-end audio system. In this blog, we delve into some of the things that make this loudspeaker a must-have for any audiophile in the Memorial, TX area.

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Spring cleaning clearance sale now in progress

Spring cleaning clearance sale with 20-40% off many items and demo products.  Speakers, televisions, electronics, and more.  Call for more information.

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