iconic.systems focuses on the design community with many of the products and services offered ranging from full home control systems to home theater design.  An eye for style, knowledge of tips and tricks, along with extra planning go a long way towards integrating technology into the home in a stylish or seamless way.  Too many times we have seen a beautiful room that a designer has spent hours or days putting together, only to have it cluttered with light switches or thermostats that don't have to be visible.  Let us show you how we can assist in making good designs great.


Sound + Light is a technology driven gallery pop up in River Oaks District for the month of December.  Artists were carefully selected to show works featuring technology, specifically based on sound or light.  Join us in the gallery space for an event, stop in for coffee, or come see some great artists and technology products.  This limited engagement is only open during December.  Find out more in the events page or contact us for more information.





Designer products:  There are literally thousands of home technology products and electronics that can be used in systems.  What works well?  What looks best?  Let us help wade through the technologies and products to show you the more design friendly approach.  All things being equal, why not choose a company and product that looks nicer and fits in better with the aesthetic?  We have discreet opening speakers that look like the latest small recessed can lights, we have completely invisible speakers.  Maybe a statement piece would look nicer in the room with a custom paint color.  What about hidden wall outlets?  We can make the wall outlets almost disappear on the wall.  Smart thermostats are all the rage, but what if you didn't need to see them at all?  Pick your style of light switches, from color to shape to style to custom engraving.  Even motorized shades with custom fabric can either give the room a pop or help hide the windows.  From almost every aspect of home electronics and technology, we have a designer product that performs and looks better.  Let us help with solutions for the everyday as well as the out of the ordinary.  We even built our lifestyle boutique to highlight some of these features that you won't see anywhere else.



Award winning projects:  Being in business for 15 years surely means that we will have some acclaim.  The most important response is from the homeowner, however some projects have been recognized in the design community as well.  With national recognition for our showroom designs and some ASID awards shared with our coordinating designers, we have the background to be a strong partner to generate successful designs.  The truth is that we don't seek recognition.  We are more than happy to work behind the scenes so that the designers and architects get the credit.  Do you currently work with an integrator that is passionate about design?  Do they even care about it?  From high rises to new construction to remodels and retrofits, we have the experience to handle the technology on almost any project.



From award winning projects to designer friendly products to professional system designers, iconic.systems has a more stylized approach to home technology.  If you consider yourself a leader in design, make sure to partner with a leading technology company who appreciates the work that you do.