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Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level with Smart Home Control

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Make it Easy to Enjoy Your Favorite Albums, Movies, and TV Shows

According to a recent report from CNBC, 2017 will be the year of smart home control as consumers learn more about the benefits of this technology. One of the main reasons this technology has taken off is that users love it when it comes to their entertainment. Instead of a pile of remotes, switches and more you can manage everything from one device. In this blog, we highlight some ways that smart control lets you create the ideal entertainment environment throughout your Memorial, TX home.

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Sony reinvents television again with OLED.

Sony has once again redefined what we should see in a television with their latest release of OLED televisions.  Using groundbreaking technology, these new flagship displays have the highest contrast and inkiest blacks ever available in a television.  Rarely does any new product category garner so much attention and praise right out of the gates, but this is truly a product launch done right.  OLED in some ways takes the best of both plasma television and LCD / LED technologies to create a entirely new product.  Light is produced by the pixel (like plasma) instead of passing through a screen (like LCD).  When off, it is deep, dark, and black.  When on, it is vivid, colorful, and bright.  There has never been a better way to reproduce a video image.  While more expensive than average televisions, the pricing is actually quite a bit less than what a flagship television would have cost only a couple of years ago.  Currently available in a 55" and 65", a 75" will be available later in the year.  Not content on just creating the most beautiful images, Sony also packed in new audio technology.  The "acoustic surface" of the screen actually acts as a transducer to produce sound in lieu of speakers.  While this gives it one of the sleekest profiles on the market, we still wouldn't recommend that as the only audio.  Even with all of the well deserved hype surrounding this new product line, don't take our word for it.  Every review published so far has dubbed it the best television on the market.  Jaw-dropping, the best, incredible, flawless, and remarkable are all words that reviewers in the media have recently used to describe this achievement.  If you have been waiting for a new technology to come along that will make you want to upgrade your exisiting television, here it is.  Contact us to be one of the first, exclusive owners of Sony's ultimate television, the new OLED series.

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Partner Spotlight: A Look at Wilson Audio’s Flagship Speakers

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The Company Offers Some of the Most Coveted Speakers in the World

When we choose equipment for our high-end audio systems, we’re interested in only the best for our clients. This is why we go out of our way to partner with audio manufacturers that have shown an ongoing commitment to producing one-of-a-kind high-performance speakers. As part of our ongoing blog series, we like to highlight some of these partners to explain why we work with them.

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the incomparable Devialet is now available at is now the exclusive Houston area dealer for the hot Devialet audio products that have been shaking up the marketplace, since their introduction to North America, within the last few years.  

The French company, founded in 2007, got their credibility by making audiophile grade integrated amplifiers using innovative, new technology.  Now called the Expert Pro line, these super slim, super stylish products house a Class A / digital hybrid amplifier, gorgeous finish, high end DAC, premium phono stage, and integrated streaming for digital files.  Widely acclaimed for the new technology, like SAM speaker matching, ADH Intelligence, and Magic Wire short path signal flow; there is really nothing else that compares to this level of performance and sophistication.

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Is a projector the right choice for your large screen viewing?

Take Aesthetics and Performance into Account During Your Installation

When it comes to choosing a projector during your home theater installation, for a lifestyle room, or even in a living area; there are a lot of things to take into account. Typically people don’t consider a projector an option because they think that they only work well in a dark room. Fortunately, technology has brought about new innovations that give tons of options for your home whether planning an estate in River Oaks, or a townhouse in West University, or anywhere else in Houston, TX.  Learn how a projector can be a better option with so many new possibilities.

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Is Martin Logan’s Renaissance Speaker the Right Fit for Your Home?

Explore the Sound Qualities It Could Bring to Your High-End Audio System

Embrace the power of high-performance sound with one of the most legendary loudspeakers in the audio industry. With Martin Logan's award-winning electrostatic technology, the Renaissance ESL 15A offers unprecedented power without losing any of its elegance. With exceptionally low distortion and room correction technology, it can become the flagbearer of your home's high-end audio system. In this blog, we delve into some of the things that make this loudspeaker a must-have for any audiophile in the Memorial, TX area.

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Spring cleaning clearance sale now in progress

Spring cleaning clearance sale with 20-40% off many items and demo products.  Speakers, televisions, electronics, and more.  Call for more information.

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How to Optimize Your Smart Home Performance

Blog Smart Home Control

Invest in a Control Solution that Will Be Reliable for Years to Come

With smart products flooding the market in recent years, DIY smart home systems have skyrocketed in popularity. But these DIY systems come at a price: unreliability. Do you absolutely love your cable service? Most people don’t. So why rely on them to also provide your home automation system, never being able to have the same technician come out twice?

Rather than getting stuck with a pile of smart devices that barely work on their best days and are a hindrance the rest of the time, why not upgrade to a professional solution? With a professional installation, you can get smart home control that is easy to use, built to last for the long run, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

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6 Things to Look for in a Home Theater Receiver

Finding the Best Engine to Support Your Private Theater

Although much of the attention goes to your display and speakers (and rightfully so), your AV receiver plays just as big a role in your home theater installation. If you don't have a clear, powerful signal to begin with, it’ll be impossible to enjoy any high-quality content. From the strength of your system to how you manage it to even how easy the system is to use, your receiver will impact every aspect of your theater. Keep reading to find out the key considerations you need to take into account when investing in one for your Houston, TX home.

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How to Take Your Home Theater Installation to the Next Level

 iconic system home theater installation Helps You Design the Ultimate Movie-Watching Experience

Envision your ideal home theater. At its most basic level, a home theater installation may mean buying a new TV and speakers. But a lot more than that goes into recreating a real theater experience in your West University Place, TX home. Other things you should consider are the ways you'll access your favorite movies, the right location for your theater, and the best speaker layout. Follow the tips below to enjoy your favorite movies in a space designed from top to bottom for the ultimate convenience and audio and video quality.

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Experience the ultimate in music reproduction.

You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate extraordinary music reproduction.  Contrary to popular belief, most people, even with average hearing, can tell the difference in sonic performance when moving up the ladder of luxury audio systems. invests time, effort, and resources into having the best audio system on display to the general public in the Houston area, or within at least 200 miles for that matter.  You have the unique opportunity to stop by and experience a truly immersive audio experience unlike what most people have ever heard.  Some customers have been brought to tears, others laughed hysterically at hearing a song they have heard a hundred times before.  Whatever your reaction may be, how can you pass up the opportunity to sit down in a listening room with finely tuned equipment and get a demostration in the ultimate audio performance.  In fact, Stereophile Magazine just awarded the Wilson Audio Sophia, the "entry level" speaker of the line, not one, but two Product of the Year Awards.  Impressive.  Now imagine listening to a product three steps up the line and attached to other award winning products.  Stunning, immersive, mind blowing would all be appropriate descriptions.  You owe it to yourself to hear what a system comprised of Wilson Audio, Dan D'Agostino, and Transparent Cables can really do.  We will even pour you a drink while you sit back and enjoy audio perfection.


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How to Build a Successful High-End Audio System

Blog High End Audio FINAL

 Enjoy Your Favorite Music As it Was Meant to Be Heard

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What is the Best Way to Control Your Smart Home?

Blog Smart Home Control Rivers

Find the Solution that Makes the Most Sense for Your Family

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Dan D'Agostino visits

Dan D'Agostino visited on November 3rd to give demonstrations and discuss his iconic product line of audiophile components.  Wine and light bites were served while Dan showed his latest products, including the Progression series of amplifiers.  Since already showcases the Momentum series, Dan was able to give demonstrations of its ability and talk about its origins.  The D'Agostinos even visited a customer's home and it was discovered the customer is the second largest owner of Dan D'Agostino products in the United States.    

 dan dag talkDan's visit

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Experience the Sonus Faber Il Cremonese and more...

Don't miss the chance to experience the Sonus Faber Il Cremonese. is the only dealer within 200 miles to have this special edition, Italian crafted speaker available for demo and purchase.  Infra woofers, silent spikes, rhomboidal diamond design, stealth reflex, and stunning performance.

The new showroom on Waugh had its soft opening this week and will begin normal hours starting next week.  Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 6pm.  Stop by to see the latest in high performance audio.

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