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Are Your Condos Being Built with Tunable Light?

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Explore the Benefits of Tunable, Circadian Lighting


If you’re a builder or designer for condos or complexes in the River Oaks, TX area, then your primary goal is to craft an interior environment that is both comfortable and inviting for potential buyers and residents.

When it comes to a condo’s design, home lighting control has a significant impact on the feel and mood of the entire space. But have you considered tunable, circadian lighting? There is a significant number of health and aesthetic benefits to this smart solution that you simply can’t get from traditional light sources.

Want to find out more about tunable lighting and why it’s a must for your next condo project? Just keep reading below.

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Adjustable Color Control & Quality of Light

Tunable lighting gives residents much more control over how they’d like to use their lighting throughout their space—beyond brightening and dimming. With color control, residents can adjust the temperature of their white lighting to simulate the natural lighting of the sun or complement any mood or task at hand.

For example, LF Illuminations’ LumaTUNE allows residents to alternate between different types of white lighting – warmer vibrance to cooler tones – on various fixtures with ease. Accompanying this, LumaDIM also makes gradually switching from absolute brightness to a relaxing glow a breeze, providing a full spectrum of warm dimming capabilities for easy use.

The system’s LEDs are great for energy efficiency throughout the condo and provide a quality of light that one simply won’t find in traditional, static light bulbs. Residents can enjoy the comfort and convenience tunable lighting brings to their home, while also reaping the benefits it adds to their physical and mental health.

Improvement of Physical and Mental Health

A home’s lighting has a huge impact on its interior design, but did you know it also affects a person’s overall health? If you spend too much time indoors and aren’t properly exposed to the sunlight, you could potentially damage your circadian rhythm, which is your body’s internal clock that regulates your energy and sleep patterns.

A damaged circadian rhythm can cause sluggishness during the day, restless slumber, and overall fatigue. What’s more, these symptoms eventually lead to even bigger health problems.

Implementing tunable lighting into your condos’ lighting control systems is a solid step toward aiding your residents’ health and wellness.

With the ability to schedule warm, orange lighting in the evening to simulate the sun’s light at sunset, residents will feel more rested and sleep better at night. Likewise, the ability to schedule cooler, bluer tones during the day will encourage productivity and give residents more energy for their everyday tasks. These changes can help improve not only physical energy but residents’ mental health, too.

Want to find out more about why tunable lighting is key to completing your condos’ interior build and design? We can help you draw in more buyers and residents with this top-tier smart solution. Give our team at a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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