From lights to locks, there has never been a better or more convenient time to gain complete control over your home.  Save energy by adjusting lights and thermostats while away.  Monitor the security of your home with remote surveillance.  Adjust shades to set the mood for a movie. Home automation allows activities in your West Univeristy, TX home to be controlled without even touching a button with schedules or scenes.  If you can dream it, it can be a reality.  Control of every home system can be integrated into a single solution.  From an elegant keypad on the wall, to a sophisticated touchscreen, or even remotely from a smart device; home control is easy and literally at your fingertips.  We have projects using all of the major brands in the space.  We have done Crestron systems, Control4, Lutron, and more.  Just Add Power provides controllable video walls or video distribution.  Most of our automation and home control systems though typically consist of a combination of solutions using Savant, Vantage, and QMotion for shades.





Control: Savant is a concept of bringing sophisticated home control into a manageable and elegant package that anyone can understand and appreciate.  From the simplest of single room control with a sleek handheld control, to remote access with a smart device, Savant captures all of the needs of the sophisticated homeowner in unified smart system.  Music, lighting, shades, video, surveillance, access, comfort, and security are just some of the aspects of home systems that can be automated.  There is a difference between a smart home and a Savant home.






Lighting: Vantage is widely known as one of the most advanced lighting control companies, providing control for high end homes and commercial buildings for decades.  What many may not have experienced is the sophisticated home control and elegant controls also available.  Enter Equinox, the Vantage system that gives unparralleled access and control in a seemless interface.  Whether on the wall as a keypad or in your hand as an app on a smart object, the experience is the same.  No other control system offers homeowner customization to schedules and tasks as Vantage with Equinox.  Shades, lights, audio, surveillence, security, climate, and more.  Yes, it really is that easy to have control in an elegant system.






Shades: Lighting and shades help to shape the look of a room.  Whether blacking out windows in order to watch a movie or adding privacy to a living area, shades help to reduce energy waste and add a level of security.  Q Motion offers some of the most advanced shading configurations available using whisper quiet motors.  Both hard wired and battery power is available for motorization to make installation options almost limitless.  Using patented technology for batteries, Q Motion shades will conserve energy to insure that battery powered models last for 1.5 years or more in between battery changes.  To streamline the look, the batteries are housed in the patented roller, giving the power pack an invisible look and a shorter header compared to competitors.  Control options abound and integration to a new or existing control system is a snap.  Shades can be part of lighting scenes or can be synced to a timer or light sensor for truly automated operation.  Finish out the look of the home with non-motorized, manual shades for an integrated look without the expense of unneeded motors on shades that remain closed.  Q Motion has a wide variety of fabric from light blocking to heat blocking and even numerous decorative options.  Every home should benefit from shade installation with all of the unique features that can offer with Q Motion options.


qshade gives you the ultimate in control and automation, while integrating it seamlessly into the design of your home.

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