Movies and television have gotten more sophisticated in recent years, so has the way that we watch them.  For the enthusiasts, a home media room can be the perfect place to enjoy a film with friends or family.  A video wall in a game room may be an appropriate addition for a sports enthusiast to watch all of the action at once.  We offer award winning home theater design services to make sure that regardless of your media of choice, the environment created and the immersion into the experience can be achieved in your Memorial, TX space.  Invisible options to eye popping room design, it is all part of the process to customize the space for the customer.

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Movies:  Kaleidescape is one of the many brands that we install to make movie watching more enjoyable.  Imagine having your movie collection at your fingertips with an easy-to-navigate interface, letting you search and categorize all of your favorites.  Looking for something new to watch in your home in the Woodlands or the greater Houston area?  Purchase a movie to own from an almost limitless catalog of films.  Kaleidescape also has a wide array of 4K content available to upgrade your existing movies or find new ones to enjoy in your private home theater.   With digital files that are, in many cases, exactly the same as what the theaters show; a Kaliedescape server is the only way to get theater quality movies in your home.  With the most movie studios in the movie store and the ability to transfer owned discs via an Ultraviolet account, Kaleidescape is not only the the highest quality movie storage but also the most versatile. 







Projectors and displays:  Sony remain a leader in 4K video technology.  Making the cameras, the mastering equipment, the movies, and the theater equipment; there is no other company so tied to the whole process of the movie experience.  Nothing gives a theater experience like a big screen, but as screen size increases, so does the need for higher resolutions.  Considering that many movies are filmed on Sony 4K cameras, you would expect them to be the leaders in reproducing those same images.  Using proprietary technologies and advanced light engines, Sony is the go-to for all our home theater designs. 







Screens:  As their namesake indicates, Screen Innovations has set the standard for innovation in projection screen technology.  From material choices to custom size construction and flexibility, few companies can match the range of this company based in Austin, TX.  Zero Edge, Black Diamond, and Slate are some of the series created to handle the challenges of front projection and bring it into environments never thought possible.  Light rejection screens and frameless designs allow a screen to appear as a flat panel floating in a room filled with ambient light.  No other company can provide such a level of detail and black levels for the truest in filmlike imagery.





Your movie watching can also be part of a system that is invisible when not in use.  Whether you want television and speakers that hide away when not in use or need a high tech room to watch the latest blockbuster, can provide the expertise to engineer the perfect experience.  We are experts in 4K, 3D, projection, streaming, and everything else needed for a high performance home system.   From award winning designers to award winning equipment, make a statement with your next media the perfect choice to add theater style and performance to a home.  For the family, an upgrade to the family room may be in order.  Watching television or movies can be an immersive experience in a custom designed and engineered room. 


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